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When you are in alignment, you have an inner knowing that you are living the life you were meant to live. You won't be swayed by all of the noise you consume online every day. It means you're living in your purpose and your truest self. Money, confidence, and happiness will flow to you easily. You'll FEEL your best and you'll have an unshakable peace within you.

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You feel like something is off. You are constantly feeling an internal pull but you can’t put your finger on what it’s pulling you to do. You keep feeling in your gut like you’re meant to do something more impactful but again, you can’t quite put your finger on what exactly that looks like.


You feel like you’ve lost yourself. You feel like you used to be a fun, life-loving, unstoppable woman. You have gotten lost in the label of wife, mom, girlfriend, sister, aunt, etc. and if someone were to ask “Who are you?” you’d stumble and try to figure out what exactly to say.


You’re attracting crappy people. Not all business is good business. You keep getting people who question your prices, worth and results constantly. Don’t get me wrong, mis-aligned people will always come your way at some point but if you are constantly finding clients that you’re not aligned with it's time for change.


You’re tired and uninspired. Of course, you could just need a nap or better nutrition but for me personally it was the first sign of being out of alignment. What I was doing wasn’t lighting me up and even when inquiry calls would come in I would dread even getting on them. I was keeping the truest version of myself pushed down and doing what I felt like I had to do.


The future feels unclear. When you’re in alignment, you are connected to the blueprint in your soul that has all the instructions for what’s next. You are meant to be able to access this info when you’re aligned and have no problem creating a clear vision. If you’re having trouble feeling clear or “seeing” what is next for you, something might not be aligned.


It feels hard. Everyone around you seems to EASILY have it all figured out and is announcing their latest podcast, a new program, or how they hit a 10K month. While you find yourself crying in the bathtub because you’re overwhelmed with laundry, content and then actually doing the work people pay you for.


No matter what you do, it’s not working. Your true nature is not one of struggle and exhaustion. It's ease and flow. If you have been trying to get an offer, relationship or a project to be successful but no matter what you do it doesn’t seem to work out, chances are that you are not in alignment with that offer, relationship or project. When you’re in alignment with yourself and the thing you are here to create, it flows naturally and easily to you. And when you DO work hard on it, it doesn’t feel like awful, hard work. It feels exhilarating and exciting, even if you’re tired afterwards.



By working with me, we plan for the long-term. We aim for MORE: more money than ever, with more ease than ever. More time working with dream clients. More work you love doing. More showing up as simply yourself. More time with family. More tangible impact in your client’s lives and your community.


I went from burnt out and sacrificing happiness in my life to living a life I never dreamed of. It wasn't as simple as it sounds, it took work to find my own personal alignment and shifting from working 70 hours a week to working when I felt in flow.

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"Cassie helped me remove all the noise and focus on what was really going to help me make money and in 30 days I had my very first 10K month. This month I'm on track to earn $21,000. I never imagined it was possible."


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